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Thread: Is there a way to have no grain or texture and no color for the background?

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    Is there a way to have no grain or texture and no color for the background?

    There is always a small texture in the background of exported images. I do a lot of white background images and when I go to print these images there is always a slight background color where white is supposed to be. It looks like AR 4.5.1 64 bit always has some texture. When I import the image into Photoshop and enhance the image, I see the background as a slight off color.

    Is there a way to have a 100% white background with 0% texture?


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    Yes, it can be done.
    The easiest way is to export from AR as a PSD file when you are done painting and open that in a suitable editor and replace the "Paper" layer at the bottom of the layer stack with a new white layer and then export the final image.

    If you want to only export a finished, layer flattened image from AR it is a bit more complex and you will need to setup the canvas first before painting if you still want to preserve the canvas texture on the painted areas.
    1: If you don't already have a totally smooth white canvas preset; Choose "Cel" as your new canvas texture from the 'Special' group.
    2: Once the new canvas has loaded, open 'Canvas Settings' and set 'Opacity' to 100% and click on the little colour chip for 'Canvas Colour' to bring up the sliders and set 'Luminance' to 100% and leave the others as they are, then click 'OK'.
    3: In the 'Layers' panel click on the one and only layer that's in there at the moment and choose 'Edit Layer Texture…'
    4: In the window that just opened, deselect 'Use Canvas Texture' and then click on the little black triangle to bring up a selection of navigation options whereby you can load the canvas texture of your choice to be used just by the layers.
    5: Once a texture has been selected click on the "tick" box at the bottom of the window to accept.
    Any new layers will continue to use this texture until you change it again on another layer.

    This method effectively leaves any unpainted areas of canvas as smooth pure white but still allows for paint/canvas texture interaction to occur in the other painted areas of the canvas.
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    Thanks markw! I will give this a try. Trweeking the texture did work OK but this will ensure a perfect white background.

    ArtRage is the best!!

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