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Thread: Gallery of Tomas

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    Aug 2014

    Gallery of Tomas

    Hi all,

    I'm new here and new to ArtRage. I've been painting digitally for a little over a year. A little bit with PS and primarily with Painter. I recently tried ArtRage and really love the interface and the oils especially.Of course Painter and PS have a lot more functionality, but I want't to believe I can paint pretty much everything in ArtRage.

    So I as a warm up I made two paintings with ArtRage for my kids and used these to familiarize myself with the tool. I will be painting a more challenging painting with it next and though I'd share the process here in addition to my Tumblr etc.

    I would post links to my DA and tumblr etc. but as a new user I can't. You can find my stuff on DA with the same username.

    Here are the two warm ups.
    Name:  Aurora_c_small.jpg
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    Name:  Dragon3_c_small.jpg
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    Aug 2014

    Dreamscape step 1

    This is the first step in my next painting. I chose one of thumbnails I made earlier with Painter.
    Name:  Hive3.jpg
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Size:  89.0 KB

    This is the next step made with ArtRage. The point here was to improve pretty much everything. Especially the palette and the structure of the hive. This is of course very much a WIP and I'll be sharing the next steps. All comments and critique is welcome.

    Name:  Hive4.jpg
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Size:  89.6 KB

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    South Yorkshire, UK
    Lovely work Tomas. I look forward to seeing how the Dreamscape develops.

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    Aug 2014
    Quote Originally Posted by Bertrude View Post
    Lovely work Tomas. I look forward to seeing how the Dreamscape develops.
    Thanks! I noticed there is a separate section for work in progress. Maybe I should post the process there?

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    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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    Oct 2013
    Welcome. Wow, you're really good. Do you work for Disney or something? Do you use any references for your paintings? While the first one of course is reminescent of (modern) Disney's pricesses the secon kinda reminds me of the old laserdisc game Dragon's Lair, which was quite funny ( Cheers
    Last edited by AndreaMG; 09-09-2014 at 07:11 AM.

    That's what art's about, isn't it -- at some point it's about the relationship between the art and the viewer, sort of like speed dating. (D Akey)

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    Dragon and Person in Armor is Really Funny

    This image has a unique bit of humor built in.

    Must be really hot in the rear end with that metal heating up there, like sitting in a frying pan that is heated up. Appears the dragon has beat the knight in armor?
    The very first digital art program that I worked with Art Rage 1

    You may visit my personally designed website at:
    There is one section full of pages there under the Digital Artwork category that is devoted entirely to paintings I have created with Art Rage.

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    Jul 2013
    Welcome Tomas....Very nicely done "Warm ups", fun as well....your children must love them.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.....
    Take care,

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    Rome (Italy)
    Masterful works indeed! Welcome!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    May 2014
    Very good paintings.

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