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Thread: Gone for a while.. should I upgrade.. whats new..

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    Gone for a while.. should I upgrade.. whats new..

    I have 3.5.4 Studio Pro and now need to make Kindle covers... but have been away for a while...

    some questions..

    What is the latest version of Pro (for MAC)?
    Does the latest work with OS 10.6.8?
    Why should I upgrade? Whats new and super cool....
    Is it free to upgrade from 3.5.4? if not, how much?

    Any tips / videos on making Kindle covers?


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    The latest version of Studio Pro is 3.5.11; if you are using Mavericks on your computer then you need to install this. If not, then the changes are mostly minor bug fixes which we recommend installing, but shouldn't make a noticeable difference to you (you can see the changes made here: ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro version update history ). This is free to download from the Member Area.

    The latest edition of ArtRage is ArtRage 4 (no 'pro' in the name! We have just the one version of ArtRage 4). There are a lot of changes in this edition, including the recently brought out 64 bit support and Grids in 4.5. It is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 and later.

    Upgrading from Studio Pro is not free, but you are eligible for a 50% discount. Register in the member's area and look for the 'Upgrade to ArtRage 4' button. There are instructions here - ArtRage Upgrades - if you get lost at any point.

    Whether or not ArtRage 4 is worth the upgrade depends on how you use it. It has some new features, some behind the scenes improvements, and is still being actively updated.

    Major new features include symmetry, gradient and pattern fill, "scrap" layers, view layers (that let you pin multiple views of your canvas around the screen), additional tool settings, an improved Transform tool, and better support for advanced Wacom Stylus features. The compact Workbench mode is quite popular. It should also work a bit faster, and some of the tools have been tweaked slightly (though you may not notice it as a new user).

    There is a comparison chart of features here:

    If you don't think you'll use those features, then it may not be worth the upgrade for you right now. The discount will always be available.

    And you can download the demo for free here: (I recommend trying it out before buying, as it will give you a better idea of whether it is worth it to you).

    Regardless, you should still be able to download and install Studio Pro, so if you do have issues, please let me know.

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    I would say upgrading to 4.5 just for the speed increase now it's a 64bit app, regardless of any other added features, is worth it!
    However, considering your Mac OS version, there are some things to consider.
    An Intel Mac running 10.6.8 although capable of running in 64bit mode will in fact normally start-up in 32bit mode.
    You can see what kernel your system is running under by clicking on the Apple icon top left of your screen and selecting 'About This Mac' from the drop down menu.
    Click the 'More Info...' button on the small window that's just opened.
    In the now expanded window click on 'Software' in the list on the left.
    You will now see a brief overview of the OS displayed in the right hand portion of the window. The second from last line is the one of interest here.
    Under normal start-up it should read; "64-bit Kernel and Extensions: No".

    So to really get the most out of AR4.5 you may well need to start your computer up in 64bit mode, which you can do "by hand" as it were.
    To do this just hold down the 6 and 4 keys while the computer is starting up.
    Once started you can go back to 'About This Mac' and check again that it has indeed now started in 64bit mode.
    That second from last line should now read; "64-bit Kernel and Extensions: Yes"

    As Hannah says you could try out the demo version of 4.5, it's fully functioning but adds a watermark to your paintings.
    If you do buy 4.5 you can still keep and use your 3.5 version as well, so this isn't an either/or situation.
    Hope this was helpful.

    Oh, one last thing. If you have started up your Mac like this into 64bit mode and you have installed ArtRage4.5, it might be worth also going to your Applications folder, right click on ArtRage4.5 an select 'Get Info…'. In the small window that opens make sure that 'Open In 32-bit mode' is NOT selected.
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