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Thread: Does Artrage have Plugin Support?

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    Does Artrage have Plugin Support?

    Hey guys does Artrage have plugin support. By plugin I dont mean filters.. I mean could someone write new tools and functions for artrage in the form of plugins or any other form to expand it? If so does anyone know where I could find any? And if not then take it as a suggestion. An expandable program is always a desirable one.

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    There's the ArtRage Pen-Only Toolbar!

    I'm not sure if there are any others, but I'm also not one of the people who plays around with the code, so I'm not the best person to give a definitive answer on how possible it is.

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    There's no SDK for developing ArtRage tools at this time. We do support elements of the Photoshop Plugin SDK so you may be able to write filters, but we don't provide a toolkit for developing anything that interacts live with the paint simulation.
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