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Thread: Changing tool when a key is pressed

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    Changing tool when a key is pressed


    I'm new to Artrage and digital painting.
    Is there a way I can quickly change between tool like this :
    - I'm currently using the pen
    - I press a hotkey and don't release it
    - while this hotkey is pressed, it switches to another tool (color picker for example)
    - I use the color picker
    - I release the hotkey, it switches back to the tool I was using (the pen).

    Thanks for your help

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    Hello zart and welcome to the world of ArtRage
    The answer is yes in regard to the Colour Picker tool you'll be glad to hear!
    Hold down the Option key ( 'alt' key on Windows) and that will gave you temporary access to the Colour Picker.
    Have fun!
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    But apart from that example, holding a hotkey down will just override your other tool selections (so while it would very temporarily flash to the other tool, as soon as you stopped clicking on the tool button, the hotkey would switch it back to the other tool).

    However, all the tools have their own hotkeys, if you are trying to set up a way of very quickly switching between specific tools.

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    Thanks for the help!

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