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Thread: cant draw under scanned imported image

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    cant draw under scanned imported image

    ive scanned some images and for some reason i cant paint under them. the scans are my own sketches. it shows the paint on the lower layer but doesnt show it on the canvas. ive altered transparency on the scanned layer but thats not giving the appropriate effevt. there has to be a better way to do this please help

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    To allow the layer underneath to show through then you will need to look at the 'blend mode' of the scan layer. You can access these via the box on bottom right of the layer preview in the layers palette (or by right-clicking on the layer preview). Select 'Blend Mode' from the menu and a number of options will be available in a flyout menu.

    There are a number of blend modes and essentially these affect how the layer interacts with the one(s) beneath it. If your scan is of black line art, a pencil sketch or greyscale tones for instance then choosing 'Tint' or 'Multiply' might be the best starting point. This makes the lighter areas of the layer more transparent, allowing the lower layer to show through and affect the tone of the upper layer.

    'Shadow' or 'Linear Burn' might also be suitable for you but they affect the layers slightly differently and might over-saturate colour on the lower layer. Sometimes this looks good. It kind of depends what you're after.

    'Screen' does the opposite to 'Multiply' and allows the lower layer to influence the darker areas instead.

    Once you have two layers set up, try experimenting with these options. It will give you a much better way of seeing how the layer modes interact compared to my feeble descriptions. Layer modes are very useful tool and offer a great way of getting various effects by overlaying layers. Well worth playing with

    I hope that helps.
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    This sounds like the situation in which I use "Kill White", a free filter from Mike and Yael. (Just google Mike and Yael? I don't remember how to get the filter.) After downloading/installing the filter, open your project in the 32-bit form of ArtRage, then apply the filter to your scanned art. It will remove all of the white in your scanned image, leaving it transparent so you can paint underneath it. However! Since it does remove ALL the white it will still be tricky to use, just in a different way.

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