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Thread: Issues while selecting...

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    Issues while selecting...

    Hey all. Just bought the overpriced, yet fantastic to use Surface Pro 3, and the first thing I did was purchase and download the latest ArtRage. Almost immediately, while learning how to use everything, I noticed a problem whilst trying to select things.

    When I want to do as precise a selection as I can, I try and zoom right in close and begin selecting, in this first case with the hard polygon setting. The problem is, whilst half way through selecting an object, if I attempt to move the canvas over to continue selecting what was off of the screen, my partially completed selection stays exactly where it was on my actual screen, while the canvas itself happily moves under it, ruining my attempts at doing accurate, 'detailed' selections. This means that until the selecting has been completed, it is actually selecting in relation to my tablet screen, as apposed to the canvas itself, I think.

    I'm not sure if this has simply been overlooked by the developers of ArtRage, or is a problem for me only, so I hope someone can shed some light on why the program works this way, and if it can be remedied. If anyone doesn't quite understand what is happening after reading my explanation, I'm happy to take some screenshots of the issue :P

    Cheers guys

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    Hey there! This shouldn't be happening, but you also shouldn't be able to move the canvas around while you're selecting an area. Can you send us some more information at so we can troubleshoot?

    Screenshots would be helpful, along with some details of exactly what you're moving and how.

    We'll also need to know your set up (including whether you're using a stylus and which one).

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