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    Lightbulb First Time...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	nexttrick1.jpg 
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ID:	82725 I was struggling with rearranging my design in the canvas. when i did a copy /paste there was still a "shadow" image left behind.. even though i merged all layers..

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    Welcome Onion Firefly....Interesting name by the way! Very intriguing painting you've started here, like to see the completion of it....
    I' am certain someone will give you some advice on layers, blend modes and corrections...Most the time I get corrected if I do it...
    I like where you going with it so the dark and moody paintings!
    The name...Bistro is it?
    Take care....

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    Very interesting character design there. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

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    sometimes it is beneficial to do a merge layer down starting with the top most layer rather than doing a merge all layers and repeat the process until you get to the background layer. leave the background layer. now select and the layer above the background layer that you have merged down to and do an image copy. then undo all the merges if you want and paste the layer from your clipboard on top of your painting. now you can use the transform tool to move things around without messing with the background layer. if you like. turn off visibility on all the layers except for the background layer and the merged layer copy. move the merged layer copy around with the transform tool to experiment with new layout or positioning. you still have all the original pieces in case you need them. it pays to hang on to them sometimes.

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    Awesomeness !!!!
    Youknow, it would make a great tattoo ; just use ArtRage ink tools to outline the stencil for the tattoo and done !
    I do my inks on ArtRage using customized ink pens !

    I'm not sure if I can, but I'll link a great place to sell tattoo designs on the web
    You can enter one of the hundreds and hundreds tattoo contest for a client, or you can just sell them up in your own marketplace

    ArtRage Inks RULE !

    Cheers !!

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    I like this. A really unique style!

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    I like your style too!

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    Personally, I like it just the way it is. So no opinions to make it any different. Looks like my own fashion sketches way back when I was in school. As far as layers, I have never seen any reason to merge layers unless you do it to make global adjustments. If you are trying to organize your layer menu it is best to use grouping.

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    Great movement and expression!

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