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Thread: Double Click to open file fails when Check for Update is on.

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    Double Click to open file fails when Check for Update is on.

    I'm on Windows 7 SP1. When I double click a file in Windows Explorer Artrage 4.5.1 is launched. If I see the dialog asking to check for an update (sometimes the dialog doesn't appear) whether I click Cancel or Check the file I double clicked will not open. If the dialog does not come up, the file opens as expected.

    I didn't try 4.5, but it worked in 4.0.6.

    Honestly I would rather Artrage always check for updates if the option is on, and only alert with a dialog if an update is available. If I don't want updates I'll just disable the option.

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    This has always been a tricky one relating to the order in which the app starts up. We'll look at it again in the future I'm sure, but until now I haven't been able to find a good solution to the problem. Modal dialogues that appear when the app starts do prevent loading the file that was just double clicked at this point.
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