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Thread: Don't make me beg.. lol Custom Erasers PRETTY PLEASE!!! And....

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    Don't make me beg.. lol Custom Erasers PRETTY PLEASE!!! And....

    Please give us the ability to make custom erasers and give us more options for erasers. Erasers are a key part in digital art... the artrage eraser needs some improvement.

    Also when using the sticker brush tool PLEASE make it to where you see the actual brush you are using, like you do in photoshop or gimp. Its so frustrating only being able to see a little circle when rotation and placing is of importance.

    And the pallet knife could use a bit of work, specifically the blur mode. It is very weak unless the brush is HUGE.

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    I can take or leave the other two suggestions, but I'd really like to see an option that allows us to use the other tools as erasers, as well. Everything from the Crayon to the Sticker Spray would be great. I do like the current erase as it is, but having the ability to erase back with the textures provided by the other tools really would be a huge benefit.
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    Yes, I've said this a few times. It would take away the mechanical look the eraser gives.

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    Glad you guys agree. I can live with the pallet knife but not being able to see the brush you are using with the sticker spray really does bug me though. I didnt even think of being able to use other tools as erasers. That would be cool. I was thinking more along the lines of a system like the one used in Sketchbook Pro to create erasers... or the same system as creating your own stickers.. but yeah being able to use any tool as an eraser (and use that tools settings in conjunction) would be awesome.
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