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Thread: Automatic color selection off?

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    Automatic color selection off?

    This seems like it should be simple but I use ArtRage on an Ipod 5th Gen and for some reason when I load an image to trace I can't figure out how to turn the automatic color selection off. I go to the color selection area and I see the button that turns it on, I press it and it says 'press here to turn off' and I've tried pressing the button again, the message keeps showing, I've even tried tapping the word here lol. How do I turn it off already?!

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    Tapping anywhere on top of the colour picker in the area that has that text should make the text vanish. Are you able to close the colour picker? If so I would suggest closing the picker, saving your work, fully closing ArtRage (see instructions here: and trying again. Something may be stuck that requires the app to be fully restarted.
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