Hi AR team,

I wanted to suggest having a "Fill tool Pattern" and "Stencil" option added to the drag and drop system you have in place for images being dragged from a browsing folder onto the ArtRage screen. The Fill tool Pattern option would be especially helpful for me. Aside from using the patterns as a means of adding extra textures to images, I've also been using the tool in the process of creating seamless tiles (for canvas grains, pattern fills, etc), because it's an easy way to ensure the image edges are perfectly aligned. It'd be really useful to be able to drag the images I'm working with from my browser folder onto ArtRage and just click an option to use it as a "Fill tool Pattern" from the menu of other options we currently have.

For anyone who may come across this post and wonder how I'm using ArtRage to make seamless texture tiles, please watch my video tutorial below:

Watch directly on YouTube: Create Seamless Tiles in ArtRage 4