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Thread: Realistic Eye Speed Paint

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    Realistic Eye Speed Paint

    Hey guys check this is a speed painting I did in Artrage. I will be doing a lot of tutorials on drawing/painting and how to do certain things in Artrage and of course there will be more Speed paintings to come. Please let me know what you think. And please subscribe to my channel for more.

    Tried to embed the video here but it wouldnt let me

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    Real nice video. I always start coloring off with some basic midtones instead of lights/shadows. Whats in the vid is definately great thing to learn as eyes and hair are the most challenging part in figure arts.

    I'm happy to see more and more videos about people working with ArtRage on youtube
    Definately the most realistic painting effects any program could offer and we should keep it on the market and letting people know about it's awesome features.

    Maybe I feel encouraged to start doing my own videos for youtube... I tried it once but I had a terrible lag using Camtasia.

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