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    A new landscape

    Alright, today I'm gonna do some more landscape painting to loosen up a little and doodle around. Not like most other days would be different in terms of the motive (creative-chilling), but these days it's all about getting deeper into AR2.

    Again I'll start by posting the first three steps...all approximately in 30min each...

    First the foundation...a gradient as usual, but this time I've done a bunch of curious things, which I havn't done in AR, yet. Hmmm...should've made snapshots, but first let's have a look at it...

    This is actually composed of 3 layers, which then had been collapsed again. One of them had been on "screen" as blending mode and gave everything a yellowish light. The shadows then were simply erased from that layer. Very cool method!

    Then comes a bit of an interest to the image. Just a little vegetation and some simple huts of some kind...almost like iglos in the desert, hehe.

    Last but not least for the first session: A Foreground. Just wanted to get a feel for the contrast, so it's nothing really serious yet...
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