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Thread: New member looking for advises, Ipad

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    New member looking for advises, Ipad

    Hi everyone.
    Im a new member and I have started painting with my Ipad.
    This looks like to be a really nice forum with a lot of talented people. Can you help me out?
    I dont know that I should focus on to improve. Do you have any suggestions?
    How do you use layers the best way?
    And what brush settings do you use?
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    Yeah, a word -- for the freckles which are pretty contrasty here so it's looking more like something was spattered on her or whatever is happening with her skin. A useful trick would be rather than painting them onto the face and have to live with it, right or wrong, if it's on a layer, you can paint it just the same and then adjust the transparency level so that it sits back as freckles rather than spots.

    Sometimes we paint it all in and then looking at it realize a paint stroke or shadow or whatever is too strong. And having that element on a separate layer allows for all manner of adjustment, light, dark, color, size, distortion, effects etc etc. plus you can erase whatever is on that layer only. And of course you could do it on several layers if you want to for even more control, as with turning in perspective. I'm not saying that in the case of freckles on a BW pic that you would likely ever need to adjust more than the value, but you could.

    The other thing is you can use a spray as well which one might give the effect when handled skillfully with just a few passes, as opposed to painting in each freckle one at a time. This is good in cases other than portraits because in portraits you may have to make the freckles exact to the sitter.

    Anyway, look up some of the tutorials and have some fun. Layers will make the experience far better -- IMHO. My technique depends heavily on layers. My mind automatically thinks in terms of everything being adjustable, which is a feature of layers.

    Oh, and an afterthought -- I don't have an iPad so I don't even know if you can use layers. If you can you may want to try them.
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    Welcome to the forum. Never used ipad so I don't know but, have used artrage on my computer for a long time. Incredible is an understatement to what can be achieved. Has fun and explore. Good advice about

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    yes Cap'n Mac the IPad has layer's I can't say much as I have only just started using them but as the Cap'n say's it open's up a great new ball game

    Thanks Mast ?? a good drawing

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    Thanks for all replies!
    Will try to use the layers in different ways.

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