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Thread: Feature requests: better layer management! multiple tracing layers!

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    Feature requests: better layer management! multiple tracing layers!

    1. Layer management gets very difficult when stacking more than 8 or 9 layers, requiring constant scrolling. In addition it is tough to see at a glance the current layer state. I wish there were options for

    - easier layer naming - is there a way to quickly rename layers by clicking or keyboard shortcut? multiple button clicks required to name each layer, hidden in a menu. Not efficient for something done so frequently
    - layer icon resizing - collapse icon previews to layer names or have the option for smaller layer icons to increase amount of layers visible onscreen
    - Layer groups - PLEASE! - this would solve the "too many layers" problem by allowing groups or folders like in photoshop, that can be collectively hidden and / or collapsed. Would really increase workflow speed. As it is I simply have to use multiple artrage docs and switch between them when I go beyond 10 layers. Slow and frustrating.
    - more visible indication of layer visibility - tough to see whether eye is filled or not. Could hidden layers be grayed out?
    - Option to select multiple layers - specifically for hiding / merging. Having to click 10 eyeballs while scrolling through layer palette is slow.

    Tracing layers:

    - please allow palette to switch between tracing images.
    - Ability to overlay and quickly place multiple tracing images
    - allow tracing image to be fully visible at 100% opacity (not with grayish canvas filter) Sometimes need to see complete unfiltered tracing image

    I would be happy to participate in any beta testing if needed
    Thanks for your time and this amazing software.
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    Hi fstopdigital
    Good news, one of your request, that of Layer Groups, is already granted!
    Shift+Command+G on a Mac is the shortcut to make a new one or you can click the folder icon at the bottom of the Layers Panel.
    Once a Layer Group is made you can then drag into it any layers you want grouped there. A Layer Group as a whole can also be made visible/hidden similar to single layers.
    You can also have Layer Groups within other Layer Groups too.
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    And you can set a selected layers name by using a shortcut key. You just have to set one, by going to Edit → Set Keyboard Shortcut and setting a key for the "Set Layer Name" option, found within the "Layer Command" group.
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    awesome, thanks for the help. right in front of my face with the folder icon. oops.

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    I don't know if it works like this for everyone else but it would be nice if my mouse's scroll wheel would allow me to scroll through scrollable palettes/pods etc. It would be much quicker than using the scroll bar. This is more specific (and probably selfish but what the hell) but I currently use a button on my wacom pen to quick access scroll/panning in documents - it's great when zoomed in and if I can't be bothered reaching for the ctrl or space key . It would be nice if that function applied to scrolling within palettes too.

    Maybe double clicking/tapping on the layer preview could bring up a more unified window with perhaps the most common options all contained together: name, opacity, texture, blend modes. I think it would be quicker than navigating the drop down menu in the bottom right.

    Just my tuppence worth

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