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Thread: Styluses (stylii?) are not recognized by Stylus Control Center

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    Unhappy Styluses (stylii?) are not recognized by Stylus Control Center

    Hi, so I recently purchased an additional art pen (for cintiq 22HD / intuous 4) and now have two styluses. Both work great in the program, recognizes barrel rotation, etc. However only one stylus was showing up in the stylus control center. The new stylus is not recognized or added to the SCC control panel. So I deleted the first pen in the window to clear settings, and now there's no way to add either one back! The program seems to recognize the pens just fine in terms of drawing, but I can't assign different tools to each pen as advertised. Is this a feature that doesn't support the Intuous 4 / Cintiq pens? Is there a way to manually add each pen to the SCC or something I can fix or reset? Running 4.5.1 under win 7 pro 64

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    Aug 2014
    well, problem is fixed... I was playing around with settings and turned wintab back on under advanced prefs, I think that could have done it, but might have been some other tablet settings I changed as well. Took pens a while to show up. Glad this works.

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    I remember during development that while Realtime Stylus says it supports Stylus ID, it never seemed to work properly so didn't provide individual stylus data, that is probably why you saw the problem here.
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