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Thread: VIDEO - Time-lapse drawing (pencils, inks and flat colours)

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    VIDEO - Time-lapse drawing (pencils, inks and flat colours)

    Hey all,
    I thought I'd share some of my live drawing videos, in case they might wind up helping anybody to see my process.
    I've tended to only use ArtRage for doodling and sketching but I've decided recently to try and take a few through to finals. Here's a portrait of Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter that I drew over the weekend.

    I might try and develop the pencil stage, in the future, as I'm finding that I prefer the sketches to the finished piece in this software (I don't tend to draw with pencils much - even as a kid I preferred a ballpoint pen!).
    So yeah, thanks for watching and hope this was helpful!

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    Very nice video.

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    Thanks, much appreciated!

    I wasn't happy with the colour job so I painted up a new version over the weekend that I think is much better. You can find that vid here:

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