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Thread: Can yo turn off the smoothing in ArtRage?

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    Can yo turn off the smoothing in ArtRage?

    So ... this is a larger format at 300 dpi in AR4: The difference can be seen immediately. I think you agree with me.

    I have tested this and can confirm that you are right. The "blurry" vision in ArtRage is probably a smoothing function to eliminate the pixelated look when you zoom in. In ClipStudio you have the crisp and clear look where the actual pixels are seen. In Painter you can turn off the smoothing if you like to see the sharp pixelated look.

    Can you turn off the smoothing in ArtRage?

    Name:  SkärmklippAR.PNG
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    Name:  SkärmklippClipStudio.PNG
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    Both Pictures zoomed in at 800%
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    There is no way to turn off the smoothing on zoom.

    Copied from my reply in the General forum thread:

    We specifically didn't do pixel zooming in ArtRage because we wanted to pull away from the process of tweaking at a pixel level and stick with a more direct expressive approach that better suits the nature of the tools we developed.

    Oddly enough, that feature (and the complete lack of zoom in ArtRage 1) generated some fantastic feedback from professors teaching art in universities - It was the strangest email I remember receiving, thanking us for not allowing their students to zoom in and tweak. As soon as you can, you feel obliged to, and in their case it was preferable to move away from that and encourage their students to work with the imperfections. Obviously that's not right for everyone's needs and we're not making any value judgements on either approach, but our choice was to focus on the macro level of interaction and we believe it has made this particular product stronger. We don't have any plans to remove the sampling on zoom.
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