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Thread: Goodbye

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    I haven't read all the other comments in detail, but I'll say my bit anyway.

    Microsoft XP support was discontinued this year. So even if you (petrnita) wanted something special to happen with XP itself, let alone a program like ArtRage running on XP, it won't happen. I have an XP desktop and a Vista laptop. XP has been around forever (it seems ) and it was always my favourite OS and I dug my heels in changing over. You can't even buy Vista or Win7 in a shop now, unless it's a specialist place. These things happen.

    One day your XP will konk out and then where will you be? If you love your computing that much, you will definitely upgrade. That's how things go in the tech world. You may like to think you won't but you will. We move on. I faced all that so I know what I'm talking about and I understand where you're coming from as well.

    Not every program can be everything to everyone. Programs are specialised, especially graphic editing programs. It just depends what you want to do. If you want to do pixel art, Photoshop and PhotoImpact are great programs.

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    You're probably aware of this already, but even Microsoft itself advised users of Windows XP to upgrade because they stopped supporting it last spring.
    Hence there'll be no more updates and fixes for security issues that might arise.

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    interesting thread.

    @Matt--SAI is the same as Manga Studio--in Manga Studio you have the option of changing the image you are working on into a vector image and that gives you a great way to work in detail.


    I say this because---Artrage is my go to painting program---when i need to I will port my artrage image over to Manga Studio, Photoshop or Mischief (this is a new software) and then I take care of what I need--this is an accepted way of working on images just like in modeling I usually will start with blender and maybe move to max or maya. Mischief, by the way, is all vector all the time and boast unlimited resolution--while that may sound like the Holy Grail---I will point out that working with your image magnified to achieve a great depth of detail is not always the wisest thing to do as its very possible to lose your objectivity not to mention just getting caught up in noodling about with one area. Best to work all areas at once, IMHO, in order to maintain a greater visual balance.

    The software you choose really depends on the situation.

    Bottomline---if I had painter, I would still use artrage--I have photoshop--I still use artrage. I think its not wise to get hooked on just one program--companies would like you too of course but most serious artists are out there using multiple painting platforms.

    Matt, I have never really looked because its kind of a nonissue with me but if Artrage does not have the ability to convert and then work in vector graphics it might be a great new feature to add.

    I say this mainly because i work modeling in blender and its possible to take a vector image, convert it in blender, extrude it and create from that image a three dimensional object.

    'Nuff said--I'm going to go post my actual question in the general forum now.

    Happy drawing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayd View Post
    --SAI is the same as Manga Studio--
    SAI is not the same as MangaStudio. SAI is made by the japanese software company SYSTEMAX. MangaStudio, is the same as ClipStudio, and is made by the japanese Celsys Inc. And ArtRage is made by Ambient Design..

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    You know what, Henry--you are absolutely right--I get the two mixed up--thank you for the correction--I own Manga Studio 5 EX and you would think I would have caught that.

    Please accept my sheepish apologies.

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    As far the magnification thing goes.. Your probably just not working big enough. I've never had any complaint about the magnification in Artrage. If your working on a picture with lots of small detail you should always work bigger... A lot bigger.

    Also you cannot condemn a company for your hardware lacking power. Artrage really isnt that intensive and I imagine we wouldnt have a lot of the features available in Artrage if they made ancient hardware one of their primary concerns. Also really large brushes tend to lag in almost all paint programs. Unless you just have a monster computer.

    As far as the windows XP thing.. do yourself a favor and upgrade to windows 7.. its better in pretty much every way. And will perform much better as well. If you dont like the look.. you can make windows 7 look like XP. And you wont have that pesky compatibility issue anymore. Stay away from Windows 8 though.. that thing is a mess that was designed for mobile devices.

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