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Thread: Pen tool does not recognize tilt / rotation in 4.5.1. on Cintiq 22HD

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    Pen tool does not recognize tilt / rotation in 4.5.1. on Cintiq 22HD

    Hi no matter what I do, I can't get pen tilt to work for any preset or custom pen - but only using the ink tool. I am looking to use it for a chisel-tip like calligraphy project. However pen rotation works just fine with the airbrush tool in lots of testing. So it doesn't seem to be the wacom settings. I did notice this was supposedly fixed in the 4.5.1 update, however it still seems broken. Any ideas? I will try a restart and maybe refreshing my wacom prefs. I just bought a full license of 4.5, I am bummed this doesn't work.
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    The ink pen is a precise ball tipped tool and doesn't use stylus tilt, but it should support barrel rotation if you are using a stylus that provides that information. Adjustments in 4.5 and 4.5.1 refer to the Pencil specifically, barrel rotation has worked for the ink pen since 4.0. The terms here can get a bit confusing so I'll outline how it works (see Manual page 125 for diagrams):

    In Wacom tablet terms, Tilt refers to the angle of the stylus against the tablet and Tilt Angle refers to the clockface position of the body of the stylus looking down from on top when it is tilted.

    Barrel rotation (which we call Twist to help differentiate it) is only supported by some Wacom styluses and is processed in ArtRage when you have a tool with a non round head. A round head means that barrel rotation is meaningless - no matter how you twist the pen the tip is still round.

    So, to see the effect of barrel rotation / Twist clearly, set the ink pen to a large size and set the Aspect slider to less than 100%, this makes the pen nib oval rather than round (or rectangular rather than square if you are using a square head). Then, with a stylus that supports Barrel Rotation (Wacom Art Pens or 6D Pens on an Intuos Pro or Cintiq) draw a stroke, twist the pen in your hand (so that the button on the side is at a different position) and paint another stroke. Strokes will vary in thickness as would a calligraphy pen.

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    This quick example was produced with a single size ink pen - The two top strokes were made without changing any settings, all I did was rotate the pen in my hands so that the nib was at a different degree of barrel rotation when I drew, then I made a single stroke at the bottom to show the aspect of the brush head.

    Now - If you are not seeing the behaviour in the top two strokes when you twist the pen in your hand (as in the manual diagram on 125) there may be a problem getting barrel rotation information from the pen. Reset the ink pen using the menu you get when you click the preset area at the top of the settings panel the go back in to that menu and look at Stylus Properties. Pen twist should be set to change Rotation, make sure that it is. If that doesn't fix it, drop a note to us at and let us know which OS you're using and what drivers and we can look in to it further to get it sorted out for you.
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    Ah that makes much more sense!

    There is no barrel rotation sensor in the standard cintiq pen, it is tilt only. My mistake. pencil tool tilt seems to work fine as well.

    But this brings up a feature request: Why aren't we allowed to map all properties of the pen to any property within tool settings? Is this possible?

    Is there any tool that would emulate the effect of barrel rotation on a chisel pen using tilt sensitivity only?

    And I already have a cintiq intuous 4 "art pen" ordered.

    PS, the 4.5 update is really quite amazing, in terms of responsiveness

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