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Thread: Blending stick(?)

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    Lightbulb Blending stick(?)

    Hi, i just joined the forums!
    I've owned artrage 3 for a while, and i've always looked for a tool that works like a blending stick, since im kinda used to it from other art softwares, but havent had any luck. Im wondering is there is such tool on it or not, or at least something that works similar to a blending stick.

    thanks in advance!

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    Like a tortillion, for pencil work? I have an ArtRage Pack file that includes three presets for the Palette Knife that were designed for that purpose. You can read more about it in this thread. Here's a direct link to the ArtRage Pack: Pencil Pack.
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    The Palette Knife tool should be able to give you all the blending options could want.
    If none of AR's default installed presets are giving you exactly what you want, it's usually just a question of messing with the tool's settings to get the effect you want in the media you are using.
    This can take a little time initially but once found can be saved as another preset for use again in the future.

    Many other users have posted knife setting here on the forum so have a dig around, there are some nice ones.
    For watercolours there is an AR Pack called Sumi by screenpainter which I really like:
    And for pencil work the knife settings in someonesane's pencil work pack are great:

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    oh cool! just downloaded it, i'll give those a try, thanks so much!

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