I have a problem with the text tool.

I have some text in one layer. Then I hide the layer, and I want to create a new layer with text. The text on the new and visible layer is directly on top of the text in the hidden layer.
When clicking and trying to add text, the text tool automatically jumps to the hidden layer, so that I'm editing the text in the hidden layer, instead of inserting new text in the visible layer.
It is possible to place text in other spots, as long as it doesn't overlap with the hidden text (the starting point can't overlap), but the I have to move the text around afterwords.

Would it be possible to have more than one "message" on each layer, while using the text tool? For me, it can be quite a few layers I have to navigate trough, to edit text. When merging the text layers, it's no longer possible to edit the text.

As for the tracing image. You might already be aware of this, and I don't know if this is in the next update.
Being able to rotate and flip the tracing image would make a world of difference, for me anyway