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Thread: Importing images to layers

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    Aug 2014

    Importing images to layers

    When I import images to layers they arrive too large for the canvas. How to I import them the same size as the canvas or reduce the size once imported?

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    Aug 2011
    Hi MoonMan, you might like to check out my thread in the Suggestions forum:

    "import image file to layer" menu & size issue

    I discovered a handy tip on the way too (also in that thread):

    I have just discovered the easiest way is to drag a file from Windows Explorer into ArtRage and a number of options pop up, one being "Import to Layer".
    This way you can resize.

    Hope it helps

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    Nov 2013
    When you import an image it should be selected with the Transform tool, so you can scale it down. The edges only get cut off when you de-select it.

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    Aug 2014


    Thanks. It worked.

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