I noticed on one of my paintings (when I was playing around with the sticker spray variations to get the desired effect) that my finished painting did not represent the script playback version. For example, I changed to the preset Image Brush on the Spray Variation (as I don't quite know yet what I'm doing) as I wanted a more brush like flow. On playback I noticed that the flow seemed a bit more Object Spray like and would apply a more random sticker feel which was not how I painted it.

On testing further, for example selecting the Crosshatch, selecting the Object Spray preset, painting one line, then selecting the Image Brush Preset on the Spray Variation then painting another line in parallel, the two lines would look different, with the second line having more of a painted straight flow. On replaying the script both lines would come out the same, with the second line seemingly using the Object Spray values.

Playing around with this further by changing individual Spray variation values on playback, they seemed to have no effect and therefore a difference between what I had painted and what was replayed was apparent.

I went through the sticker setting values of :

Spray Rate
Auto Flatten
Variation Symmetry

and these values were recorded correctly and my painting represented the recorded version.

But the Shadow Setting also didn't seem to be saved.

I am aware that there are some interface elements that are not saved in the script, but a change to the sticker spray settings have a significant impact on the way a brush (sticker) is applied to the canvas.