Okay, now this is the far left painting of my triptych "Autumn Glory" - I've finished the middle and far right piece. Each are 40" x 22" and will be on canvas wrap. I'll be hand brushing and impasto embellishment on each giclee when they arrive.
Below, I show how I start off with my initial sketch using pencils on a single layer. Then I move that layer to the top, while I work on another layer that will be on the very bottom, using a thick impasto and add the various colors I want. I add another layer and start working on the dark maple tree trunks and their branches - this part is pretty time consuming.

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Phase 1: The initial sketch

Name:  AutumnGlory-I-impastounderpainting.jpg
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Phase 2: Impasto/base color layer

Name:  AutumnGlory-I-blockinginmaples.jpg
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Phase 3: maple trees layer

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Phase 3 (continued): maple tree branch detail

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Phase 3 (continued): more maple tree branches