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Thread: Tracing and Refs won't work.

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    Unhappy Tracing and Refs won't work.

    Hey, Im new here and just began using ArtRage. I've never been able to open any tracing or reference photos.
    This is the error message I get when I try to open Tracing (nothing opens up, I cant select anything, only this message displays): An Error occurred on attempting to create an object. ArtRage encountered an error trying to load the selected file, the file may be damaged or an unsupported format.

    Similar message displays when I try to open Refs, It doesn't allow me to load anything, and says that maybe restarting the program might fix it. I've restarted it many times and the computer also.

    What can I do? I have a lot of drawings scanned into my computer that I wanted to convert into digital..

    Any help is much appreciated Also, I could really use any tips you possibly have for a beginner
    Sorry if this post belongs somewhere else.

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    What file type are the images you are trying to open?

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