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Thread: Invalid Digital Signature?

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    Question Invalid Digital Signature?

    An update for ArtRage 3 came up when loading the program, so I decided too start the update. It removed the original version then went to replace it, but came up as " has an invalid digital signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt." And I'm honestly at a standstill on what too do. Any thoughts?
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    Hello timosuprmo
    Whilst I have no idea what caused your update problem, (those error messages are always a bit cryptic!), if it were me my next move would be to go to the Members Area and sign into your account page where you registered AR and manually download the latest version of AR3 from there and try reinstalling from that.
    If that installer fails as well then contacting AR support directly is probably your best bet.
    Hope you have success!
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    Yep - the old method of updating from within ArtRage (if that's what you're doing) is no longer compatible with our website. There are instructions here if you need help:

    However, it may also be a separate issue: are you using Windows XP?

    There have been a few problems where either the computer is not recognising the digital signature for certificates properly, or it's not being installed at all. The easiest solution is usually to install ArtRage on another computer and copy the files across, but so far, they haven't been the same file twice (which makes giving instructions a bit tricky). If you keep having problems, contact us at and we'll see what we can do to help.

    edit: Aha, I see you already emailed. Nevermind then!

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