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Thread: Surface pro 3 ntrig support

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    Surface pro 3 ntrig support


    Just got my surface pro and find some strange behavior with the pen support - for instance:

    - it will draw very strangely, if at all, in the scratch-pad while it behaves OK on the main canvas.
    - it sometimes drops a "blob" of paint when approaching the pen to the screen.

    I read some information on art applications focusing on Wacom pens first so was wondering whether one could expect some update on that front.



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    I have a Surface Pro 3 as well.

    The first thing to look at is your Input Device options in Preferences (under Edit). You have stylus options - Realtime Windows, Wintab, and Precise Tablet.

    I had tried Realtime and Precise and was getting some surprises so I checked Wintab and unchecked the others. I had previously downloaded and updated the N-trig driver (should be version 16 (maybe later now). Anyway, I needed that support for other Art programs that don't have Windows INK support.

    Since making those changes I've had no surprises to date. In another application I did see the phenomenon of getting ink on the canvas when the pen had not come in contact yet. I think it was somewhere in the N-trig support that it suggests how to deal with it. In my case I only had to take the first step - take the battery out for a few seconds and reinsert. Took care of it and it hasn't happened again. I assume it's some kind of static buildup.

    Hope that helps. Love the SP3.

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    Hi and thanks for the feedback.

    I updated the drivers and the scratchpad is now behaving !

    As per the static that makes sense.

    I'll need to update my reading on ntrig as it seems very much evolving.

    I got the SP3 yesterday _because_ I could not wait any longer for Artrage on Android (lol) - anyway, real happy too so far.



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    HTC Scribe & Surface Pro 3

    BTW, just got the HTC Scribe pen from Amazon (~9 USD) and it works great with the SP3 - do not know whether that fixes the "static
    " issue yet.



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    Just a quick question... have you got touch gestures working in ArtRage on your SP3? I can't seem to get them to work on mine. Would love to know what options you have turned on.

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