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Thread: problems on macbook pro - two dif. version numbers??

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    problems on macbook pro - two dif. version numbers??

    Hi there,

    I just got started with ArtRage today, however I am having major difficulties making it work.

    I can't see the cursor when I am trying to draw - and I can't see what I've drawn at all until I select a new tool, and then it pops up several seconds later
    Selecting tools is lagging, selecting anything is lagging
    cursor disappears on canvas
    The whole program just seems slow

    I am using a macbook pro, running the most recent version of mavericks. I downloaded artrage as part of the software bundle that comes with the wacom intuos pen and touch tablet. When I go to 'about artrage' it says I am running 3.5.4 - so I take it this is not the most recent. But when I go to the members section, under registered products where it says the sn it says I have ArtRage Studio - v.3.5.11.

    So, I assume I have art rage 2.5.4 and my problem is due to the common bug when running mavericks... but how do I update if the member area thinks I am already updated?

    UPDATE: I hit the download button and redownloaded it so now in 'about artrage' it says I have 3.5.11 but it's still incredibly glitchy! It will work fine for a couple of minutes and then if I quit or open a new canvas it starts glitching again. I can't see the cursor, images are flipping from one side of the canvas to the other... what is going on!

    Anyone know?

    Thank you in advance!
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    The Member Area shows you the latest version available for download which is why the number was different. Once you have downloaded 3.5.11 the glitches should be resolved.

    The first thing to check is that you don't have the old version on your system any more - if you still have a copy of 3.5.4 and are opening paintings by double clicking them the OS may be launching the old version, make sure that you only have 3.5.11.

    Could you describe the process you go through just before you see glitching - You mention quitting which is why I was wondering if you had an older version still on the system, but if you could let us know what you are doing when the glitches begin we should be able to troubleshoot.
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