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Thread: Simple question I'm sure has been asked a million times

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    Question Simple question I'm sure has been asked a million times

    I've bought my wacom splash tablet about a year ago and love it. Only just came to learn about Non Uniform Transformations. When I got my tablet it come along with artrage studio. I know I have a transformation tool, but it doesnt seem to do the 3d effct I had been hoping for. I even checked to see if there were settings for it; but I couldnt find it. So my first question is, does artrage studio have the non uniform transformation tool or not?

    Another question I was wondering is if they offer or sell more texture brushes?

    If so, please link me up!

    Thank you ^_^

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    The non-uniform transformations are new to ArtRage 4, so unfortunately ArtRage Studio (3), doesn't have it.

    We don't have any official brush presets available, but there are plenty of free brushes and sticker sprays in the Art Supplies section!

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