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Thread: ArtRage for Windows RT?

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    ArtRage for Windows RT?

    Some years ago I bought ArtRage on a whim, and absolutely fell in love with it. It was version 2.5 at that time, I think.
    Later on I got the ArtRage app for iOSand was yet again stunned with how much could be acomplished on such a portable device.
    and the capabilities of it.

    A few days ago I got a Microsoft Surface 2 as a birthday present, and apart from one small detail I love it: There's virtually no serious art apps on it!

    Since I am so pleased with ArtRage I want to ask what the likehood of there ever comming out a Windows RT version is. I'd be willing to pay for it again, naturally. Heck, I'd even happily shell out twice the regular price for it.
    I also know there's plenty of people like me, looking for an art app on WinRT, what with the complete drought of art apps.


    Fredrik Somerville

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    We're not planning on an RT version at this point but that may change. RT (and in fact Win8 Metro style apps in general) are another platform for us to manage so it's not something that we are prioritising currently as we work on 4.5 and upcoming updates to our mobile/tablet offerings.
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    That's a shame.
    Oh well, it was worth a try.

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