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Thread: color on stamps

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    color on stamps

    Hello everybody,
    I haven't popped in for awhile. I've got a painting going and I need to use the grass stamps. How do I get them in color? I hope I haven't forgotten everything!!


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    When you say "Stamps", do you mean:

    ○ taken directly from a Sticker Sheet

    Sticker Spray
    ○ dropping numerous sticker from a single sheet


    Being grass, I'm going to assume it's a Sticker Spray you're using, which should mean that you only need to use the color picker to select whatever color you want it to be (see attached image below). If that's not the case, what color is the grass showing up as (again, assuming you are using the Sticker Spray)? If it's red, then it's likely the person who made the preset forgot to set the "Hue" settings in the variations panel, which means that it won't understand what color you're selecting from the color picker. You'd then have to open the variations panel to set the dials yourself (but I won't get into that, until I know for sure that you're using a Sticker Spray).

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    I guess you're talking about sticker sheets themselves as setting their color is not that obvious there as it is with sticker spray. A sticker taken from a sticker sheet is always placed with the color it has by default and its colors can be altered lateron in two or three different ways.

    - If its layer is a sticker layer it has a little foot next to it in the layer panel. You can rightclick that and choose "Sticker tint".

    -If you have selected a sticker layer you can also rightclick on the placed sticker on the panel and do the same there.

    -If you've already converted it from a sticker layer to a standard layer you can choose Adjust layer colors from the edit menu. That way you can merge several stickers an change their color in one step.

    Or you place them not by grabbing them from a stickers sheet but with the sticker spray. That way you should take care that you use a working preset as someonesame already said. Every sticker can be used as input for the sticker spray and if you want that a sticker spray can change the color ( does not have to be that way) the stickers it uses have to be red as a convention, to make the results of the settings in "Spray Variation" predictable. But knowing that, if you have a red sticker in a sticker sheet that came with Artrage itself most likely there is a already a sticker spray preset for it too.

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    Thanks to both of you for the quick reply. I needed all that information! I am printing it out for future reference. I have a terrible memory.

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