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Thread: First try at AR

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    First try at AR

    ok first thign ive done, any tips on the use of AR tools?

    i know everything is light and lacks contrast the colors are so so and the like, can any one tell me about ways to get better results from the tools we have, i used only oils and knife,
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    hi jairudesu,

    welcome to the forum. i'm also a new comer here so i don't think i can give out much suggestion.

    to me, this is a very nice first drawing especially the shading part on the face. i thought you have a good drawing skill than me.

    keep drawing and have fun with AR.

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    Hi jairudesu,
    Lovely colours and pic.

    I'm new too and I've found if you fiddle with the settings you can get all sorts of effects.
    My favourite right now is the rubber, fiddling with the rubber you can do all sorts of things.

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    Your best bet is to experiment trying different settings with the different tools.
    If you have the full version of Art Rage you can take advantage of layers to experiment. Use the image you have posted here and then create a new layer. Try using for example the pencil or chalk took and try some fine line details in the painting. If you don't like the results delete the layer, if you do like the results try adding something else to enhance with another new layer. Keep all the layers that add the things you want and delete the ones you decide are not working out so well. For background experimentation move that layer to the bottom of the layers stack.
    I have a personally designed artwork gallery website at:
    There is one section full of pages there under the Digital Artwork category that is devoted entirely to paintings I have created with Art Rage.

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