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Thread: Tablet Pressure for opacity

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    Tablet Pressure for opacity

    Hi, I've just bought ArtRage and am becoming frustrated that I can't seem to find this option.

    Using the Ink Pen for example, the pressure slider will naturally affect the size of the tip depending on tablet pressure. However the opacity slider only affects it globally and not based on how hard I press on the tablet which seems odd.

    Am I missing something? Can ArtRage not do pressure based opacity?

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    Hello Paul and welcome to the AR forums
    As AR's primary goal is the simulation of real world tools, Opacity based on pen pressure alone is not generally available.
    However the 'Sticker Spray' tool will allow you to do this as it functions much like brushes do in some other paint apps.
    With the Sticker Spray tool selected open the 'Settings' panel and click on the 'Spray Variation' button to access the full settings for the tool. Look for the 'Alpha' row on the left and the 'Pen Presser' column at the top. Click in the square where the two cross and drag up or down to set the percentage.
    As an example; Open the 'Art Brushes' preset group, select say the 'Bristle 1' brush and try adjusting the alpha settings for it to see the effect.
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    Ah so it can't be done generally speaking? I was just frustrated that I thought I couldn't find the option. Thanks for the reply.

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