Posibly the makers want to take a stance of "thats too digital, were more natural", wich is a good point too but honestly as a part of a workflow it helps a lot to have these tools.

I was a sketchbook user, i got a mac pro and it has BAD refresh issues, its been a while and i havent found any news about a fix for this, so i cheked out other software and bumped into ArtRage.

I must say its amazing, i use painter a lot but ArtRage full does the trick for quick jobs and scketches, (sometimes even better), trust me its worth ever penny you spend on it. Let alone that its a good software, i see the team posting a lot in the forum, its great to see that they put attention to their buyers.

So well everything was perfect till i noticed the lack of masks and modyfing tools, yes i get the job done anyways, and the lack of this isnt enough reason discourage anyone from getting the full version, but as i said it sure would help fasten some workflows.

I hope this is useful and great job guys.