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Thread: Cursor nightmare

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    Cursor nightmare

    In other paint programmes the cursor directly resizes in order to tell you how much paint will go down within its area. Doesnt seem to do that with artrage though.
    How am I supposed to tell what is actually going on the paper ie when I blend how do I know whether it will work within a small area or smudge half the picture?

    Also the blending tools are a bit rubbish, even mypaint has a smudge tool.

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    The "2" key is the default shortcut key for the "Outline" cursor type (which can also be set by going to "Edit → ArtRage Preferences" and changing the option under the "Cursor" group). The Outline cursor type outlines the width of the tools edges (results may vary when using the Sticker Spray tool, since the scale of the ring will based on multiple, user based, factors).

    As for the blending options; are you using the trial version? The full version has a number of blending options for the palette knife. The one named "Soft" has a smudging option for it, which drags and smears the colors together.
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