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Thread: Impossibility to change the size of Tools

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    Are you using the Windows 10 on-screen keyboard that comes with the operating system? I understand now what you are talking about better.

    It makes sense, maybe that the OS version of the onscreen keyboard may not work... But it should!

    Have you tried using the bracket keys [ ]? And for finer control the Shift+[, Shift+] keystrokes?
    Robert Hopkins

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    I'd just like to make sure I'm understanding the current situation correctly.

    Regarding using your mouse: Are you saying that if you go to the bottom left of the tool picker ( where the preview of the current tool stroke is shown ) , then click and drag left and right on that area with your mouse, the tool doesn't change size?

    Regarding using the onscreen keyboard, the questions that Hwystar had are useful.

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