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Thread: You know, ArtRage was at Anime-Expo in Los Angeles this holiday weekend

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    You know, ArtRage was at Anime-Expo in Los Angeles this holiday weekend

    Here are some pics of folks trying out ArtRage on the Cintiq at the Wacom booth.

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    Wow! I can see Boxy got his picture up there as well! That's a heck of a painting.

    Well, thanks Victor. I can never do Fourth of July things because that's conference time for me (yikes. . . for the last 20 years). Also rules out 4th of July vacations and picnics.

    Would have liked to see that show, to see what's happening in the world of cartooning and all the fun gadgets that are for the artists and geeks.

    Hope you enjoyed it all.
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    I would have loved to have gone but I am carless. I always try to go every year to something like this. Being in California stinks. It is so expensive to do anything here. Stuck at home besides working.

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