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Thread: Printing a complete painting real-print-size

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    Printing a complete painting real-print-size

    I realise that many users work purely digital and on computer only. I use ArtRage4 to experiment with designs before painting my painting with old-fashioned paint on canvas.
    When setting the Print Size of a painting in Edit, Resize Painting I get the correct dimensions of the painting on my screen. However, when I print my painting I always just get one page (part of the painting) for paintings that are more than one A4 in size.
    I would like to get a number of pages that together give me the total image and that is the true size of my real-life canvas, so I can transfer my design work easily onto the canvas without resizing. Can this be done?

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    I think this is more a question of what printer software you may have.
    Most printers come with their own photo management/editing and printing packages. Have a look and see if yours has an option for doing "Posters".
    My HP printer software has this option and will allow an image to be spread out over up to 16 A4 sheets.
    Where as my Epsom software will only do it across 4 sheets.
    If you do a Google search I'm sure there must be other third party software out there that will allow you to do this.
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