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    Question Tool size

    Is it possible to maintain one size across various tools? I ask because I sometimes find myself working at the maximum possible size which seems to be 500% but after I've applied some paint via the tube at 500% then switch to my knife to manipulate the paint I have to alter the size again if I want 500% again. This would be a very useful feature to me.


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    They should be retaining their size between tool swaps, actually. They do for me, anyway. The exception being when I choose a tool via certain presets, because they have an option for whether users want them to remember a particular size or not, upon creating them. If the presets were created with that option selected, then they'll always reset to that scale when you click on that preset choice. If that's how you've been switching tools (either by the Presets panel, Toolbox or Workbench panel), there's not going to be much you can do, without recreating each of the particular presets and making sure to have the "Store Size" option un-checked.
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    Tools will remember their sizes when you swap back to them, but you won't get the same size when picking a new tool.

    This is because most people use the tools at different sizes, because they act differently (so it is more useful to keep individual settings than a global one) and because the tools themselves are different sizes (100% for a pencil is very different from 100% for the paint roller).

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    Would it be possible to have something like a "switch to global size for this session" feature then? I don't know how difficult that would be to do.

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