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Thread: Exporting an image with no grain in background

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    Exporting an image with no grain in background

    I am using artrage 2 (paid for version) to paint "sprites" for Game Maker 6. Game Maker takes the color in the lower left most pixel of the painting and makes it transparent so the painting doesn't have a white box everywhere it goes, but artrage exports the grain of the paper as well as the painting itself. Is there a way to keep the paper itself (not the painted on parts) all the same color when exporting, because now I have to put my artrage paintings into a paint program and erase the paper grain (little grey spots.)

    (Hopefully this isn't already answered somewhere, I did look)

    Thanks in advance...

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    From the ArtRage menu, choose 'Tools, Layer Options, Edit paper Settings'
    Turn the Roughness radial to 0%, and paper will have no rendered grain.

    Note that if you have an application that supports reading true 8 bit alpha from PNG images, you can set the opacity of your paper to 0%, then export your image as a PNG and you will get full alpha exported with the PNG. (This also works exporting the layer as a PSD file if you want to mess with it in Photoshop or something)
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