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Thread: New splash page images…PLEASE!

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    New splash page images…PLEASE!

    Question for the Promotional Department...

    There are SO many STUNNING images in your galleries!
    Beautiful, meticulously crafted, inspiring work…….a testament to what Artrage can do!

    WHY OH WHY ????? has that mirrored illustration been GLUED to your splash page for the PAST YEAR…going onto a year and a half?
    You guys guys have such an awesome product!….how would anyone know looking at your website?

    THe features section has paragraphs and paragraphs of text….and a few TINY images! Who is designing your website?
    Your selling a VISUAL CREATIVE product…….no one wants to read….
    PICTURES…big ones…of what it can do
    GRAPHICS of the brilliant interface elements
    ANIMATED GIFS…of some of the gorgeous tools and their effects
    Show us the magic
    Visual impact….
    bing bang boom!
    Its 2014

    At the very least….
    have RANDOM image from your gallery pop into the splash page each day.
    Better yet…..pop in a carousal and have them rotate automatically every few seconds.

    Because I LOVE ARTRAGE!
    Because I know what it can do
    Because I promote your software to others
    Because I want you guys to be around for a long long time
    Because Im passionate about it
    Because impressions are important
    I feel better already


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    Looks like someone actually read this
    Thank You
    Nice work on your splash page with rotating images!
    Very inspirational…...
    Now I can breathe


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