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Thread: Colors on Canvas Don't Match Colors in Picker (Help!)

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    Unhappy Colors on Canvas Don't Match Colors in Picker (Help!)


    I'm using ArtRage Studio 3 and I'm experiencing complications with the colors.

    The colors I choose in the color picker do not match that which appears on the canvas. They're a muted version of the color. For example, if I choose a dark blue color it'll come out as a murky purple.

    Also, the black comes out gray, never black.

    Is this normal?

    I've tried to see if I messed with the settings, but I don't really notice anything, or maybe I don't know where to look.

    I'm fairly new to the program.

    Would greatly appreciate any help

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    If you've got a tracing image loaded then it might be overlaying the colour and changing how it appears, hide the tracing image the actual colour will be visible. Alternatively, low layer opacity or a blend mode assigned to the layer or the tool you're using may be causing the issue. If those don't help, send a sample PTG file to us at and we can take a look at what's causing it for you.
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    Hey. same problem here. one layer opacity 100 pressure 100 and this is what i got. each sample is taken from one before. and just found out i have the same problem on artrage pro as well.
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    I think what you are seeing there is being caused by the canvas lighting.
    If you do the same test again with the lighting OFF you should see no change.
    AR's canvas is lit from the top down and is what makes the canvas and paint textures stand out.
    To get the Colour Sampler to always use the real colour open its settings panel where you can set it to ignore the canvas lighting so that it always picks the true colour.
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    thank you Markw
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