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Thread: Saving Workspace Layout

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    Saving Workspace Layout

    Buu...Figures AR4 would go on sale less than a week after I finally upgraded :P

    In any case, I love the new workbench and toolbox, and was wondering if there's any way to have AR start in workbench mode and load a saved toolbox by default. I know it doesn't take much effort to do it manually, but it would be nice to save a few clicks and get straight to work.

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    Yes I'm a big fan of the Workbench mode too!
    One "workaround" I use a lot is by using pre-made canvases.
    I have a bunch of custom "default" ones already setup for different things like; sketching, watercolour, oil panting etc… Each is preset with; Dimensions, DPI, Canvas type&colour, Toolbox of choice etc…
    To get to work real quick all you need do is double click on the custom canvas file of your choice to start AR. Once it's loaded, just hit the Return/Enter key to enter Wrokbench mode and your good to go!
    But don't forget to save your work under a different file name in order to preserve the original default file you started up with.
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