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    Question HEX Color

    I'm fairly new to ArtRage, and I want to use HEX color codes, like #a75046,
    so I could copy the HEX code from Photoshop and paste it in Artrage,

    but ArtRage doesn't support the HEX color system, just RGB and HSB,
    I even looked in the precise color picker, and there is no HEX option.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is there a way to put HEX color codes and I missed it?

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    I'm afraid that there is no way to use Hex codes in ArtRage. It is, however, easy to convert Hex codes to RGB values online.

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    Darn it, I really hoped there was an easy way to copy HEX codes to ArtRage.
    Now I have to copy RGB codes just like you said, but it's quite tedious because I have to copy 3 color numbers instead of just one HEX color code.

    Oh well, I guess there's something to look forward to in the next ArtRage version
    Thank you, Hannah.

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    Perhaps you could take a screen shot of the color panel in PS, paste it to a layer within ArtRage and use the color sampler to select them (just be sure the "With Lighting" option on the Color Samplers settings is turned off). Using a shortcut key to add the selected colors to the Samples panel is fairly quick. For example, my shortcut for adding a color to the Samples panels is set to "Alt + C". Since holding "Alt" and left clicking is the shortcut for picking up a color with the Color Sampler, I need only hold "Alt" continuously and then left click on a color and then tap "C" to add it to my Samples. You'd have to name them if you need the actual hex values listed, however.
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