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    Line Question

    Hey, for all you digital painting pros out there, I have a fairly basic question...I'm trying to do some simple sketches, nothing too fancy, and I simply can't draw a think line like I should be able to. It always come out kind of spotty, no matter how much pressure I apply or what I change the settings to on the toolbox. And it's never really clear, no matter how straight I draw the line itself, it always kind of spills over, so to speak (I mean, it's thickest in the middle of the line, but the lines always kind of bleed over)...are there any settings that you recommend, or ideas to help? I've been going back and forth between using both the ink pen and the pencil to see what's more consistent, and as far as the preset, the best one I've found so far is "Harsh Multiply", but I just can't get something that I'm happy with. For reference, I'm using a Bamboo Capture tablet...and fyi, I am usually zoomed in when this happens, but it's still noticeable even when zoomed out. Any ideas?

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    Hi joshemane and welcome to ArtRage
    Several things can effect the look of a line. And some are not even related to the tools!
    Canvas Texture:
    You can set canvas textures from totally smooth to really rough. And simulating many divers surface's; sketch paper to concert etc… AR's natural media tools will all interact with these surfaces similar to their real world counterparts might.
    Canvas DPI:
    AR's default canvas dpi is 72dpi. Trying to get fine detail closeup at this can sometimes be tricky. Try setting it to 100dpi or higher.
    A canvas measuring say 10"x8" @100dpi is going to allow finer lines than one still measuring 10"x8" but only 72dpi.
    If you are planing to print work then you need to be up around the 300dpi area anyway.
    And then of course, after the canvas considerations, there are the tool settings themselves…
    Note; if you are using the sticker spray tool then it will NOT react with the canvas surface. It derives all it's "look" from its own settings. Similarly the Pencil tool in 'Precise' mode will not interact with the canvas.
    If you could show some screen shots of what you're seeing and the settings, canvas and tools, you are using that might help.
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