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Thread: tracing on ipad

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    tracing on ipad

    when i trace a portrait on my ipad i cannot get rid of original photo for some reason.
    can anyone explain how to do this please

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    If you go into the tracing image menu, there will be an option to clear the current tracing image. You can also just tap the eye symbol to turn the current one invisible without removing it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    tryed what you said but its still there-strange?

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    Its sounds like you may have added the image as a layer rather than a tracing image. Open up the layers panel and look in there - Do you see the image on one of the layers? If so you could hide that layer but if you also painted on that layer any paint you added will be hidden as well.

    Alternatively, if the image is 'pinned' to your canvas (it would have a white border and a green pin) then it has been loaded as a Reference Image and you can hide or remove it using the References panel instead of the tracing panel (the button with the pin on it next to the tracing button).
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