Hey, ArtRagers. I figured it was time to announce myself, as I've been lurking around the forums for about six months now, and you probably need to know who I am.

I'm basically the frontline tech support, and the person who handles most of the online communities: Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and DeviantART are mostly, or entirely, me (other staff have access and will occasionally post or respond to things, but I'm usually the guilty party). I'm still figuring out exactly what I want to do with some of these sites, so I'm very interested in feedback from users (but have mercy, as I don't have a team of slave interns to constantly update everything for me).

I'm not a programmer of any kind, but I am definitely an artist, and I've been using ArtRage for years (since the early days of ArtRage 2), and I have a direct line to bugging the actual developers with questions and suggestions.

I am also more or less responsible for moderating the forum, although all the original developers still drop in a lot, and we have very good longstanding volunteer moderators who still beat me to most spam. There usually isn't much to do as you are all really well behaved, but if you have any suggestions or complaints, then send them in and I promise to read them. I may even do something about them (if you are feeling harassed or unsafe in any way, definitely contact me, please). But this is a very settled community, and I don't really want to disturb you all just for the sake of change.

If you have any issues, feedback, or wild hopes, about anything from the program itself to the DeviantART contests, send them on through to [email protected].

You can also contact me directly through any of the aforementioned websites, or by sending me a PM through the forum.

I highly encourage feedback, as it justifies my existence I'm also a very nice person, and try not to unleash my horrible sense of humour on innocent support requests, so I promise you'll be safe.