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Thread: Frequent Installation Failures - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

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    Exclamation Frequent Installation Failures - Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    I'm pulling my hair out over this.
    Emailed tech support a couple times, we're starting to sort of go round and round. So perhaps I should lay it all out here instead. There seems to be a miscommunication on -when- the install crashes.

    This is something, now that I recall, I've never been able to install on my Windows machine.
    I used to run 3.5 on XP without fault. But I upgraded both my OS and hardware some time ago.
    Haven't had an install issue of -any- other graphics program that I can recall...These install fails happen on both my retail copy of artrage studio pro 3.5, and the demo download of 4
    (since I'm attempting to "try before I buy" so to speak)
    So without further ado...

    The point at which BOTH versions of the program fail during install are as follows.
    (I am also running my PC on the administrator profile, and NO other profiles exist)

    1. Artrage does it's "initializing installation" as per the Windows 7 doing what it always does.
    2. I agree to some terms without reading them, as we all do.
    3. Artrage asks where I want my shortcuts installed to. (for the record I've selected none, one, or both in various attempts, makes no difference here)
    4. Artrage then asks for subfolder of where I want my shortcuts? I don't know why it wants to know or maybe this is where my error comes in, but I just leave it alone and click next.
    5. Artrage asks where I want the program installed to. I leave this alone as well, default being programfiles(x86)\ambient design\ artrage etc etc.....
    (NOTE: tried installing to just main C directory, other internal drives, external drives, desktop, wherever, it doesn't seem to matter)
    5. THIS IS WHERE IT FAILS. When the installation starts.
    Only difference being in 3.5 it says "installation was interrupted" and in the demo for 4 it says "do you really want to cancel the installation?"

    Can't get past this. Would love the throw money at the company for version 4, but would like the product to be something I can use, ya know? :-)

    thanks for any info anyone has.
    - Windows 7 is updated as of typing this, and as of trying to install the program(s)
    - Poked around the internet, really old posts not containing much usable info, but I did go in and make sure anything previously having to do with ArtRage was not on my system. Anywhere.
    - Seriously everything in my machine is working fine and updated and I have no issues with any other graphics programs.

    I'm lost. :-/

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    The point at which it is failing is before ArtRage is actually doing anything on your system, the only process running is Microsoft's Windows Installer so there's a very good chance that you have a Windows installer problem. These problems can happen pretty much randomly and won't necessarily affect every app you try to install but can affect any kind of application. The problem is too complex to handle via the forum so we'll take another look at your emails and see if we can work out some troubleshooting steps to help resolve it. Unfortunately, as the problem is happening in an application outside ArtRage this kind of thing can be very hard to track down.
    ArtRage UI
    Ambient Design.

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    Thanks Matt! I have looked over your email, and am crafting a reply.

    Also wanted to address my "round and round" comment in the Original Post. Wow, must have been tired at 1am+ when I wrote the post here, 'cause that sounded so rude of me.
    The tech support staff was nothing but kind with her original reply. And she needed to ask a couple questions, so no biggie.

    After I toss you an email in reply I'll look into options for restoring/fixing my windows installer issues. Bummer that it can just affect random instances.

    Thanks again.

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